Tarka Four Case (4.0%)

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12 x 440ml cans

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4.0% ABV. Deep gold in colour.

Tarka Four (T4) is a ‘session’ lager designed for drinking.  It is cold fermented for two weeks and further matured for two weeks making it a quality lager with a clean crisp flavour profile.

Adrian Tierney-Jones, 2017 Beer writer of the year says: “Tarka Four has a strikingly deep gold colour with a firm mouth feel.  A refreshing feel of palate excitement, hints of lemon and an appetisingly dry finish.” 


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60 reviews for Tarka Four Case (4.0%)

  1. Paul Brooks (verified owner)

    Arrived quick and we’ll pack.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Hubby, Dad and Nephew tried Tarka whilst on holiday and loved it. They were gutted that it wasn’t readily available ‘up north’ or online…. but now it is in cans! Ordered a box of 12 within 10 mins of Tor saying ti was available. Arrived a few days later, hubby tried it that evening, and another box of 12 was ordered before he got to the bottom of his first can! My Dad and Nephew are in for a Christmas Surprise! Thank you!

  3. Tor McCaig (store manager)

    I was very impressed with the speed of your order, and so please they were well received. Tor

  4. Andrew McCaig (verified owner)


  5. Max Y. (verified owner)

    We first tried this a couple of years back on a holiday to Devon along with Tarka lager (5%). This has become my favourite lager (having tried 500+ lagers from around the world- this takes some beating!!) Would recommend to anyone. I am hoping that they will one day can the tarka lager and bottle Otter Amber as well

  6. Wyndham Halswell (verified owner)

    I am told by a lady that it is very good

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I expect we will be ordering again before next Christmas!

  8. Karen B. (verified owner)

    Part of a gift so not tried yet but delivery was super speedy!

  9. Ryan (verified owner)

    Tarka Four is a lovely mellow lager and is finally available in cans! It translates surprisingly well from draught into cans (some don’t taste as good or the same). Now please put Tarka Pure into cans as soon as possible!

  10. David (verified owner)

    Fast service and great tasting Lager. Just wish it was available in local supermarkets which would make buying more convenient of course. Sure it would sell well.

  11. Christopher Ellyatt (verified owner)

    Lager with a real edge. Beautiful complex palate and very refreshing!

  12. Antony Guest (verified owner)

    Crisp, light and refreshing this is a session lager if ever there was one! Fantastic next day delivery also!

  13. Wendy Payne (verified owner)

  14. Wayne S. (verified owner)

    Really crisp and flavoursome and normally I’m a dark stout fan all the way but these are my secret new favourites along with my usuals, thanks!

  15. Chris Goodman (verified owner)

    Great lager and quick delivery

  16. James Whetherly (verified owner)

  17. Mark (verified owner)

  18. Michael U. (verified owner)

    A very enjoyable lager. Quick delivery, if a little over packaged?

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)


  20. Martin W. (verified owner)

    Good tasty lager – good delivery – I shall order more!

  21. Philip W. (verified owner)

    Lovely. A light and flavoursome lager and ideal for quenching the thirst .

  22. Peter Hughes (verified owner)

    Ordering on line was easy and delivery very prompt.

    Very good value for money with free delivery.

    Suggest that there might be the opportunity to include a message for recipient eg Happy Birthday or Happy Easter

  23. Max Y. (verified owner)

    Amazing Lager , great service – will be shopping again once we have drunk these

  24. Philip Jordan (verified owner)

  25. Jammin (verified owner)

    Too much packaging on all of these!

  26. James Baker (verified owner)

  27. OLIVER JUDKINS (verified owner)

  28. Richard Knott (verified owner)


  29. Michael Askew (verified owner)

  30. Louise Cossey (verified owner)

    delicious – a great crisp and refreshing lager

  31. debbie b. (verified owner)

    Great product, great service , will definately reorder

  32. Alister Button (verified owner)

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

  34. debbie b. (verified owner)

    Great service , great beer , will definately buy online again .

  35. Alicia Parr (verified owner)

  36. Alistair Handyside (verified owner)

    Best lager I have ever tasted

  37. Chris Goodman (verified owner)

  38. Julian (verified owner)

    Delivered within 24hrs of ordering. Many thanks.

  39. Simon W. (verified owner)

  40. Martin Taylor (verified owner)

  41. Andrew McCaig (verified owner)

    satisfies the parts other beers dont reach

  42. Gavin R. (verified owner)

    Great beer, delivered promptly.

  43. Andrew James (verified owner)

    Never had the Tarka 4 before, a splendid discovery.

  44. Michael (verified owner)

    I am giving the Tarka one less than five marks only because it comes in cans rather than bottles, which I am not so keen on. It has a less harsh quality to some of the continental lagers and is, of course, a little lighter on the alcohol content, which is welcome on those long summer BBQ’s.

  45. David Waterhouse (verified owner)

  46. Chris Goodman (verified owner)

    Excellent lager, excellent service….as always

  47. Andrew 3 (verified owner)

  48. Ken T. (verified owner)

  49. JAMES CINNAMOND (verified owner)

    Good example, but I prefer Tarka @4.8 ABV

  50. John Holmes (verified owner)

  51. Mark (verified owner)

  52. Tom (verified owner)

  53. Trevor Wright (verified owner)

    Not a lager drinker normally but love this on a hot day with a splash of lime.

  54. Brett Temple (verified owner)

    Beautiful…i went to lyme regis last year and this was the local drink……so glad i found it

  55. George Koopman (verified owner)

    A whole new expereience for lager

  56. Mr M. (verified owner)

    Another great product!

  57. Kieran (verified owner)

    A very quaffable lager delivered very promptly!

  58. Michael A. (verified owner)

    Amazing service

  59. Bob (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery of a very tasty lager.

  60. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Tasty, refreshing drink. Most enjoyable. Will certainly order more. Orders are speedily delivered in substantial packing so that product arrives in good condition.
    Keep up the good work Otter Brewery!

  61. Fred McCaig (verified owner)


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