Otter Bright Case (4.3%)

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12 x 500ml bottles
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4.3% ABV. Pale golden colour. Strong, citrus fruit aroma and refreshingly fruity, tasty beer.

Otter Bright was one of the original really pale beers. ‘Bright’ made her debut in the summer of ’96 but has since earned a regular place in our full time line up. Originally designed to tempt lager drinkers from the dark-side, now a well respected trendsetter in the UK.

So what can you expect when you line up your first pint of Otter Bright. Its pale golden colour enhances the great condition of the beer. The strong, citrus fruit aroma follows through into a refreshingly fruity, tasty beer. A subtle bitterness at the end balances the sweeter notes.


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179 reviews for Otter Bright Case (4.3%)

  1. Stephen Grief (verified owner)

  2. Steve (verified owner)

    Excellent service.Very good value.Tastes even better with my Otter tankard!

  3. Rob (verified owner)

  4. William Manchester (verified owner)


  5. Rob WOTTON (verified owner)

  6. Jon Pratt (verified owner)

  7. Jonathan D. (verified owner)

  8. David Garnsworthy (verified owner)

    Is there any other beer?

  9. Gareth Abbott (verified owner)

  10. James Whetherly (verified owner)

  11. Philip D. (verified owner)

    Lovely crisp and fresh tasting light beer. Great to drink alongside an evening meal. Can’t recommend highly enough.

  12. Patrick (verified owner)

    Delightful Beer easily ordered quickly delivered. Enough said.

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent ale & service!

  14. Richard Mitchell (verified owner)


  15. Jamie H. (verified owner)

    Very prompt delivery, fantastic beer and great value. Pleased to be supporting a great local brewery during these tough times

  16. Trevor Ford (verified owner)

    Lovely summer ale👍

  17. Mark Johnson (verified owner)

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A reminder of Beautiful Days

  19. Steve (verified owner)

    Excellent ,excellent ,excellent!!!

  20. Tom Richardson (verified owner)

    Ordered on Saturday. Delivered on Monday. I only wish I could be drinking it at the pub. But this is next best!

  21. Paul Robbins (verified owner)

  22. Tony Hemsted (verified owner)

    Great in bottles when you can’t get draft!

  23. Jonathan B. (verified owner)

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The best.

  25. Lesley (verified owner)

  26. Geoff F. (verified owner)

  27. Jeremy Bateson (verified owner)

    Best brewery in Devon !

  28. Dale R. (verified owner)

    Nice and fresh for summer drinking.

  29. Julian C. (verified owner)

    Great service at difficult times and always great beer. Many thanks.

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

  31. Richard (verified owner)

  32. Philip W. (verified owner)

    Likewise excellent

  33. Paul (verified owner)

    Great product but insufficient information about delivery times/dates. The package just Arrived with no warning.

  34. Philip Jordan (verified owner)

    This is one of the nicest beers I’ve had in a bottle…, and Otter are right, cool not chilled…

  35. Brian Nithsdale (verified owner)

  36. Anonymous (verified owner)


  37. Arron Griffiths (verified owner)

  38. Jammin (verified owner)

  39. Rhys Davies (verified owner)

    Up there in my top five favourite beers! Almost as good out of the bottle as from the barrel.

  40. Bill Marshall (verified owner)

    My favourite bottled beer

  41. James Baker (verified owner)

  42. John Hellier (verified owner)

  43. Susan Kirk (verified owner)

  44. Edward Aldridge (verified owner)

  45. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing! Only sad thing is the box is empty already! Must order some more!

  46. Michael Askew (verified owner)

  47. David C. (verified owner)

    A nice larger that’s not too “largery”.

  48. Pat B. (verified owner)

    Bought for my husband, who normally only drinks lager, but he loves this!

  49. Anton Porter (verified owner)

    Great beer and service. Thanks

  50. Ian Mills (verified owner)

    My favourite Otter beer which I normally buy at Fermoys, Ipplepen.

  51. Louise Cossey (verified owner)

    a more full bodied and fruity beer.

  52. William S. (verified owner)

  53. Miles (verified owner)

    Lighter than the Ale, but a cracking drink during spring/summer.

  54. Jonathan Martin (verified owner)

    Very good and good value. Saves going to shops.

  55. debbie b. (verified owner)

    Great product, great service , will definately reorder

  56. Tim c. (verified owner)

    Great straight from the fridge

  57. Roger Rookes (verified owner)

    Refreshing beer for a hot day.

  58. William Price (verified owner)

    Great delivery service! Great beer!

  59. Paul Robbins (verified owner)

  60. Dale Roberts (verified owner)

    Good value after discount

  61. Jonathan Martin (verified owner)

    As above.

  62. James Atherton (verified owner)

    Seriously tasty!

  63. Stephen Butterfield (verified owner)

    Brilliant Beer. The service was perfect . order quickly processed and very promptly delivered . You couldn’t ask for more – except the pub expereince ?? However it was delightful with a BBQ in the garden. Thankyou Otter .

  64. Harry McKerchar (verified owner)

    Great beer ,fantastic delivery in these difficult times, Will order more soon

  65. James R. (verified owner)

    great daytime beer

  66. James Baker (verified owner)

    Autobrite is very smooth very easy to drink as very nice the delivery is first-rate

  67. Paul (verified owner)

    Otter Bright, an excellent ale, delivered within 24 hours, thanks.

  68. John T. (verified owner)

    Clean and crisp but unlike it’s ‘summer ale’ rivals Otter Bright is full of flavours!

  69. Richard B. (verified owner)

  70. John C. (verified owner)

    My go to beer! Usually I’d have to bring it back from Devon but being able to have it shipped has made the lockdown a bit more bearable.

  71. June S. (verified owner)

    Lovely summery light easily drinkable beer…

  72. Nigel Humphries (verified owner)

    As always perfect!

  73. Alicia Parr (verified owner)

  74. Natalie G. (verified owner)

    Perfect for the when the sun shines. Excellent online service.

  75. Mandy Hale (verified owner)

  76. Joanne (verified owner)

    Excellent service, price, fast delivery. Efficient. Reliable. Lockdown saviours.

  77. Rob (verified owner)

  78. Martin Dowland (verified owner)

    I’ve sent it to my house. not been back yet, but most have been drunk already.

  79. Miles (verified owner)

  80. Philip (verified owner)

  81. Edward Aldridge (verified owner)

    Always a delight when I get my delivery of Otter

  82. Bill Marshall (verified owner)

    This really is the best bottled beer

  83. James (verified owner)

    Lots of bright one of the smoothest real ales you wish to drink and the service delivery service is second to none thank you

  84. Mick White (verified owner)

    Again easy to order online and fast delivery. Most welcome in these trying times. Will be returning for more very soon!

  85. Stephen R. (verified owner)

    Wonderful beer, fabulous service.

  86. Graham B. (verified owner)

    Price went up from two weeks ago

  87. Tobias (verified owner)


  88. Anonymous (verified owner)

  89. Andrew (verified owner)

    The best.

  90. James Rees (verified owner)

  91. mark gent (verified owner)

  92. Roger (verified owner)

    Never tried Bright before but found it to be a very nice light and flavourful beer. Will be buying another crate soon.

  93. Stef Spencer (verified owner)

    Superb beer and super service

  94. Yvonne Davies (verified owner)

    Great service, quick delivery means a happy husband!

  95. Paul Robbins (verified owner)

    Excellent swift delivery again considering I am over 150 miles away from your brewery.

  96. Anonymous (verified owner)

  97. John B. (verified owner)

    Fantastically refreshing beer

  98. Anonymous (verified owner)

  99. Stewart Oetegenn (verified owner)

    Fantastic beer and so good to be able to drink it at home until we can go out safely again.

  100. Mary Chapman (verified owner)


  101. Tim caie (verified owner)

    A great beer for a sunny summers day

  102. sateve hill (verified owner)

  103. Duncan (verified owner)

    As always, excellent

  104. Miles L. (verified owner)

    Perfect during this good weather!

  105. Andrew 3 (verified owner)

  106. William (verified owner)

    Lovely beer and very good service, thank you

  107. June S. (verified owner)

    A lovely refreshing drink for a hot day

  108. Keith Howard (verified owner)

    Good sharp, refreshing beer.

  109. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good service. Lovely beer!

  110. James (verified owner)

    It is a lovely smooth beer not to be missed in a delivery service is first-rate thank you

  111. Brian Nithsdale (verified owner)

    Disappointed to see the price of the beer had increased considerably.

  112. John Holmes (verified owner)

  113. Antony Guest (verified owner)

    Definitely one for the summer served cold. A light yet zesty bottled lager. One to quench your thirst!

  114. robert ellis (verified owner)

  115. Harry McKerchar (verified owner)

    Great service fantastic beer ( otter bright) buy by the crate load , helped me in lockdown ,what a find,, easy to use ordering site( even ordered on line for my Sons ) enjoying immensely.

  116. Anonymous (verified owner)

  117. Julie W. (verified owner)

    Was hoping to stock up on some Otter Bright on holiday in Devon in May, but was really pleased to be able to buy online. Easy to order and arrived quickly. Great packaging if you wanted to send as a gift

  118. Alan Law (verified owner)

    Remains one of my favourites Thank-you

  119. Harry McKerchar (verified owner)

    Very drinkable excellent product at good price made lockdown bearable prompt delivery

  120. Edward Aldridge (verified owner)

    A very refreshing taste with a decent acceptable ABV. So not too heady. That’s why I keep on ordering it

  121. Kerry H. (verified owner)

    My Otter brewery delivery came promptly. The packaging was secure and the beer didn’t need time to settle before it could be opened. The beer reminds me of home and I am looking forward to when I can return to Devon for a pint of otter. In the meantime I will be happily making another online order.

  122. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent service and very helpful with an amendment required, will use again. (Great products too 😍)

  123. Colin Williamson (verified owner)

    Excellent service

  124. Harry McKerchar (verified owner)

    Great product

  125. Clive H. (verified owner)

    Crisp,Refreshing With Distinctive Flavour

  126. John T. (verified owner)

  127. Ben P. (verified owner)

  128. Martin Giess (verified owner)

  129. Peter (verified owner)

    During the past few sunny days, a cold Otter Bright hit the spot 🍺👌
    As always excellent service delivered in 48hrs.

  130. Rob (verified owner)


  131. Stef Spencer (verified owner)

    Fantastic better. Fantastic service

  132. Edward Aldridge (verified owner)

    Brilliant beer. Brilliant brewery. Give my regards to the boss. I was in the Sweet Honey choir at Honiton with him. When I can get my dear old dad down to the westcountry (Who knows when??!!) I would love to bring him over for a little brewery tour. I did one a few years ago. It was great. Love to all x

  133. Rakesh (verified owner)

  134. Wendy Payne (verified owner)

    Really well packed thankyou

  135. Mike Crudgington (verified owner)

    Excellent blonde beer very refreshing

  136. Paul Moores (verified owner)

    This Otter Lager is just what you need to have on hot summers days on its own to quench your first or to have whilst eating your favourite meal, it goes well with lots of different meals just like a fine wine.

  137. Chris Goodman (verified owner)

  138. Stephen S. (verified owner)

    Easy to order , good communication and very quick delivery 👍😁

  139. Bernard Styles (verified owner)

    An excellent summer light beer that I have been enjoying throughout lockdown. 60 bottles so far and will order more next week.
    In fact will continue to order through out the following year
    Well done quick delivery and well packaged.

  140. Damian McNamara (verified owner)

  141. Mick White (verified owner)

  142. Harry McKerchar (verified owner)

    Great product ,competitive price with discount

  143. Chris W. (verified owner)

    Really like this which is a sort of cross between a beer and a lager. I like light beers that are not too hoppy and strong tasting; this does the job and it tastes great chilled.

  144. Bob (verified owner)

    Very fast service from ordering to delivery. Otter bright is a fantastic easy drinking beer. Will definitely be ordering again.

  145. Paul W. (verified owner)

  146. Rachel (verified owner)

  147. Martin Giess (verified owner)

    Highly efficient.

  148. chris Harwood (verified owner)

    Excellent but purchased because Otter Ale out of stock !

  149. Brian Smith (verified owner)

    A refreshing summer ale

  150. Bill Marshall (verified owner)

    A beautiful refreshing pint
    The best bottled beer especially for summer.

  151. Nicholas Davies (verified owner)


  152. Kevin Golding-Williams (verified owner)

  153. Roger Rookes (verified owner)

    The only lager I recall drinking which has a good flavour

  154. steve charles (verified owner)

    excellent as always, thank you

  155. Janet D. (verified owner)

    such a good delivery time. The beer is fantastic. so good to be able to buy direct

  156. robert ellis (verified owner)

  157. Brett Temple (verified owner)

    love it……

  158. Bernard Styles (verified owner)

  159. George Koopman (verified owner)

    Very close second

  160. MRS J (verified owner)

    Great beer, fast delivery. Very pleased.

  161. June S. (verified owner)

  162. Neill B. (verified owner)

    Refreshing lager-like ale, best chilled. Great summer drinking.

  163. Steven (verified owner)

    A great summer drink out of the fridge

  164. Mike Crudgington (verified owner)

    Good prompt delivery (hope you keep up the free delivery)Otter Bright is my favourite beer so no complaints about the quality of this superb beer

  165. Michael A. (verified owner)

    Amazing service

  166. Reginald (verified owner)

  167. Mick White (verified owner)

    Refreshingly different.

  168. Harry McKerchar (verified owner)

    Sorry second case arrived late, with one bottle missing only 11 bottles in that case, oops!!

  169. Phil Sugden (verified owner)

    Great beer great delivery

  170. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A light, refreshing and very enjoyable beer

  171. Nick P. (verified owner)

    Great summer drinking

  172. Bernard Styles (verified owner)

  173. Harry McKerchar (verified owner)

    Arrived as ordered ,on time

  174. Robert Tucker (verified owner)

    Fine as always. Will really need Amber in bottles for the winter!

  175. Anonymous (verified owner)


  176. Anton Porter (verified owner)

    Excellent beer and excellent service. Thank you.
    Anton Porter. West Midlands

  177. James Little (verified owner)

    Love it

  178. Peter callon (verified owner)

    First time I have tried the lager – nice refreshing drink and delivered within 2 days of ordering.

  179. Stewart Oetegenn (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery just in time for the mini heatwave

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