Our Story

In The Family

Established in 1990, Otter Brewery began brewing its beer from a farmhouse location in the heart of Devon’s Blackdown Hills. Since then, the whole family has been involved in developing our award-winning range of beers and our widely recognised Otter brand.

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The Best Ingredients

A  Michelin star rated chef would never compromise on the ingredients – what’s different?

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Modern Brewery

Dad once designed a brewery for Whitbread’s near Samlesbury. A command at the touch of a finger opened a valve more than half a mile away.

He now maintains that brewers need to live with their brew so the ‘hands on craft‘ is not compromised.

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The Perfect Location

We have the most perfect setting. Every day of the year our countryside changes. It is a joy to behold.

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Green To Our Roots

Being ‘environmentally-friendly’ is not just a tick in the box for us, it’s about the way we operate and goes far beyond just being as ‘green’ as we can.

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Award-Winning Beers

Beer is for drinking and not for winning awards – always nice to be recognised though…..

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