Our Story

Green to our roots

From Day 1 of Otter Brewery, our approach has always been to respect our rural location. Being ‘environmentally-friendly’ is not just a tick in the box for us, it’s about the way we operate and goes far beyond just being as ‘green’ as we can. In fact, it means that we are focussed on building a truly sustainable business for now and for the future.

Our philosophy is ‘if it’s recyclable then we will recycle it’. This is as true of the paper that we use in the office (and yes, we are endeavouring to become increasingly paperless), right through to our beer production. Brewer’s grains are used for cattle feed, our yeast is taken to the local piggery and waste water is returned to the water course through our willow beds.

Perhaps most importantly, our environmental approach is demonstrated in the building of our new cellar in 2007 (for which we were proud to win ‘Eco Building of the Year’ in the South West’s Commercial Property Awards). The top of the cellar is covered with a living sedum roof, which adds insulation and allows us to capture rainwater for the washing of vehicles and barrels. Perhaps, most importantly, two thirds of the ground floor has been built underground to allow us to do away with electric chilling systems and use the earth’s core temperature to naturally cool the cellar to the perfect temberature for storing cask ale. The cellar has significantly contributed to the reduction of our carbon footprint and has saved the business more than 6 tonnes of Co2 emissions per year and a few quid in chilling as well!