New Moon

New Moon – Gin

ABV 42%


New Moon contains a unique combination of 12 botanicals including coconut, seaweed, nutmeg, ginger and grapefruit zest in addition to bergamot and juniper.

What does it look like?

Gin clear

What about the nose?

Fresh, citrus balance on the spirit

What does it taste like?

New Moon has tones of juniper and citrus, which roll through to a rounded zesty note, and a hint of the south seas.


It has a smooth mouth feel with a lingering balance of spices to finish. Very refreshing.

Wildsider Cider

New Moon – The spirit of Otter

David and Mary Ann have redefined the meaning of ‘retirement’. After much experimentation (and laughter) a New Moon was born in the same barn as the brewery. The spirit of Otter runs through the recently installed gin still to make our first gin – New Moon.