Mary Ann's Kitchen

Welcome to my Kitchen

I’m Mary Ann and hopefully this should give you a little bit of insight into what really goes on around the brewery. Gone are the days when it was just David and I leaping out of bed (?) at 5.30 am to do the mashing.  These days there are a few more boys and girls who have that responsibility, but there’s still plenty for us to be getting on with!

David and I started out with a plan 25 years ago. We decided to build our brewery in a dream location planted in the hills of Luppitt.

I am just one of those natural Mums who enjoy every job that’s thrown at me. Some of those jobs are better than others, but when David asked me to brew beer, well, I could not have been happier.

I come from a long line of brewers, but as men have it, or certainly my father would have it, ‘ladies’ didn’t brew beer – so I learnt to cook and type and nurse. Then, 25 years ago, my dream came true.

Now of course I’m using my other training as well. I look after everyone here, and take care of the garden, vegetables and willow beds which clean all our dirty water.

I’m always around to help with any job that needs an extra pair of hands and I’m never short of ideas!

Autumn Soups & Chutney to be made

My goodness! The wind is howling and the trees bending double in these gales, but the leaves are still green and hanging on there, how the poor old roots must be struggling. Last week I went and saw a friend who is lucky enough to have some very old trees in her...

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Farmer’s Wife Chutney

Green Bean Chutney Recipe 2lbs beans 4 large onions Cut up or mince fine and cook until tender in salted water, drain   Put in a pan with 1 1/2 lbs demerara sugar 11/4 pints malt vinegar Boil for 1/4 hour   Mix 1/2 tbsp mustard 11/2 tbsp cornflour 11/2 tbsp turmeric 1...

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Fruit Crumble…you know you want to…

Fruit crumble for 4 people   Whatever fruit you have, apples and brambles of course, but it could be pears or plums, bananas or tinned cherries if you have no fresh fruit, just whatever’s to hand.   2 bramley apples A hand full of brambles, not squashed! A...

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Brambles, badgers and grandchildren

What a great day! Its been a long time since I took time out to write some things down in my note book, but today was special!   The sun shone with those weak sunbeams of autumn time, pale light and the hint of warmth, ummm, just the job to inspire the collection of...

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Better Beer Batter

It’s always difficult to turn down a plate of crispy battered fish and chips and while it might not be high on the ‘clean eating’ list, it rates pretty highly in Luppitt! But you just can’t make any old batter for the perfect fish and chips....

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Marvellous Matt

We had the gorgeous Matt Austin up at the brewery having a wander round and taking some of his incredible pictures. David was on his last legs with a cold but we dragged him out and made him sit with us for the photoshoot. As always, Matt worked his magic and made us...

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Otters, Pigs and Cows

On a lovely sunny day like today, I saw a large tractor collecting our spent hops from the top field. We have 3 bays of composting hops at present here and Nick is taking the rest for his Christmas trees and also making compost. It’s a sterile mulching for the...

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Spring is sprung

I love this time of year. When everything, including those of us less keen on the harsher winter months, can start to come out of hibernation and spread our wings. During the winter months I dream of being able to wander down amongst our ponds and willow beds, dogs...

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