Our Core Beers

Otter Head

ABV 5.8%

At 5.8% abv the award-winning Otter Head is our strongest beer.

We believe that the key to brewing a great strong beer is to make it well-balanced with a good use of hops. This makes Otter Head easily drinkable and an excellent choice with food. Whilst it has a distinctive barley wine, old ale character it remains light to drink with a malty, fruity and slightly sweet flavour with a long bittersweet aftertaste. The fruit and malt aroma sits well with the beer’s deep, luxurious red/brown colour – still a firm favourite on many bars.

What does it look like?

Mahogany, ruby

What about the nose?

Fruit cake, alcohol, port

What does it taste like?

Warming, sherry, dry finish

Otter Bitter
Otter Head is a finely balanced sledge hammer of a beer.  Delicate in the extreme and potentially devastating in effect.

Otter Head has won more awards than any other beer in the Otter stable – understandably so as it packs a balanced punch using classic English hops to round its bitterness combined with fruit and malt. It’s unusual to find such a strong beer in a brewery’s regular range these days, but having grabbed a few headlines over the years it was always going to be difficult to reduce Head to a bit part.