Our Core Beers

Otter Bright

ABV 4.3%

Otter Bright was one of the original really pale beers. ‘Bright’ made her debut in the summer of ’96 but has since earned a regular place in our full time line up. Originally designed to tempt lager drinkers from the dark-side, now a well respected trendsetter in the UK.

So what can you expect when you line up your first pint of Otter Bright. Its pale golden colour enhances the great condition of the beer. The strong, citrus fruit aroma follows through into a refreshingly fruity, tasty beer. A subtle bitterness at the end balances the sweeter notes.

What does it look like?

Straw yellow

What about the nose?

Peachy hop, pineapple, lemon

What does it taste like?

Lemongrass, sweet, soft fruit

Otter Bitter

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The first time Otter Bright appeared in a glass, we had to question the colour. With a pure white head and beer so clear and ‘straw like’, this was set to be ground breaking in the world of blondes.

Keith Bennett

Head Brewer

Otter Bright is one of UK’s blonde beers and sits very comfortably alongside Hop Back’s Summer Lightening and Exmoor’s Gold.

When they arrived on the scene, they were all groundbreaking – with the aim of tempting the more discerning lager drinkers to sample greater character and flavour in their drink. Bright continues to catch the eye and is still so seductive when there’s a need for a ‘refreshing, thirst quenching’ pint. More recently, even with the advent of a host of craft beers designed to directly challenge the lager market, Otter Bright’s zesty softness has a unique quality that continues to stand out in a crowd.