Our Bottled Beers

Otter Ale

ABV 4.5%

Otter Ale is where it all started. A premium ale must have full flavour and a fair strength without compromise. These two characteristics must be so cleverly balanced, that when the glass is returned to the table after that first slurp, a sigh of appreciation should be heard around the bar.

Imagine a piece of beautifully polished mahogany and you’ve got the deep, rich tones of Otter Ale. The malty aroma and hints of fruit provide a first clue to the flavour but the taste goes further and finishes in a strong combination of fruit and some bitterness.

What does it look like?

Wood, spice, sherry

What about the nose?

Malty, fruity, spicy

What does it taste like?

Sweet bitter balance, dry finish

Otter Ale bottled beer