The waxing of a new moon at Otter

New Moon is the latest addition to the Otter stable. It’s a grown up, proper dry gin with a good nose and a refreshing taste that makes you want to have another.

Retirement eventually comes to us all. Mum and Dad however, after stepping back from a lifetime of brewing, still had a ton of energy in them and a craving to make something that people want to drink. With our ‘historic’ middle barn available again – the place where the very first batches of Otter beer were made – some initial experimentation with a small still quickly got out of hand. A trial batch of ‘McCaig Gin’ got the thumbs up one night and from then on they were in at the deep end.

Just like in our beer, they use water from the head springs of the River Otter – the elixir of life! The spices added in the middle of the distillation help to give it a natural smoothness as does the seaweed. Compared with brewing it’s a clean and warm occupation but just as scientific. The basic process involves putting the botanicals into the still along with water, soaking these overnight and then adding the spirit before putting the still on. Once it’s up to temperature the magic really starts to happen and the barn quickly fills with gorgeous aromas.

Time to taste. With a citrus flavour to start with, a mouth-watering smooth middle and a long tasty end, the grapefruit zest, ginger, fresh juniper and spices definitely carry through – now tell us that’s not going to get your taste buds going! 

It’s available to order via our online shop or you can pick some up at Powderham Castle, Darts Farm, The Seriously Good Wine Co in Lyme Regis, Barleymow’s Farm Shop in Chard, Millers Farm Shop in Axminster, Colyford Post Office or Wine World and The Holt in Honiton. Pubs & restaurants can add some to their normal beer order.

It’s an exciting new chapter for them both – the waxing of a new moon.