Our warming festive ales are ready to go

Christmas is coming and December wouldn’t be the same without a dark ruby pint of Otter in your hand.

This time of year provides the more adventurous brewer with the chance to produce a slightly darker, more warming beer for these long and challenging winter nights…. Keith is never happier than when he’s developing new recipes by the warmth of his mash tun – his wife has learned to love the smell of hops!

These two festive favourites are warming to the core. Otter Claus at 5% ABV is a beer of pure indulgence brewed to balance malty flavour with a bitter sweet chocolate edge. The Fuggles hop delivers a bitterness that makes the beer dangerously ‘moreish’.

Crisp and fruity, Otter Elf, slightly lighter in strength at 4%, is the less potent stablemate but equally full of flavour with a well balanced malty flavour and a dark ruby colour – look for flavours of apple, pear, stone fruits and lime citrus with spice notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper.

Remember, these two otters are just for Christmas. Both are available to order now with your normal beer order. Claus (bottled) is also available to order from our online shop.