Fruit Crumble…you know you want to…

Fruit crumble for 4 people
Whatever fruit you have, apples and brambles of course, but it could be pears or plums, bananas or tinned cherries if you have no fresh fruit, just whatever’s to hand.
2 bramley apples
A hand full of brambles, not squashed!
A pudding spoon of sugar
Put peeled and roughly chopped apple in a pan with 1/4 pint water, cover and stew until fluffy, then put the brambles and sugar in, take off the heat.
Into a bowl put
250g plain flour
125g magarine or butter
90g demerara sugar
Mix flour and margarine or butter with finger tips together then add sugar and lightly mix until like breadcrumbs.
Put fruit into a bowl, sprinkle the crumble mix on top and cook 180c fan oven or gas mark 4 until cooked 30-40 mins. Take out and let cool. Warm before eating. This rest allows the crumble to crumble well!