Brambles, badgers and grandchildren

What a great day! Its been a long time since I took time out to write some things down in my note book, but today was special!
The sun shone with those weak sunbeams of autumn time, pale light and the hint of warmth, ummm, just the job to inspire the collection of hedge bounty that there is now!
I went and collected Meg, my 7th grandchild now, and, as she has the most amazing imagination, we jumped on our ponies and took to the lanes to go bramble picking! They are wonderful this year and so are our apples. We galloped up and lanes and in and out the brambles, we found fox and badger runs, and piles of mouse eaten nuts, and a few of the last wild flowers, just the things that make great fun when you have alittle one with you, plus we filled 2 big pots with brambles. There would have been 3 if Meg hadn’t eaten them! So tired little legs, we trotted our ponies back home, with constant chat about what we’d do with them, and plenty of teasing on the way, the sun still shone, just a magic time.
Back home, and Meg decided a crumble would be great for tea, so we peeled apples in the sun and then took everything inside to finish off. It was very good, David and I had some as well! Thank you Meg!
So I thought I’d remind you of the Fruit crumble recipe (coming up next…) and also we’ve been clearing the veggie garden, and its chutney time for all those left over bits that need to go somewhere, and hopefully cheer the wet of winter!