Otters, Pigs and Cows

On a lovely sunny day like today, I saw a large tractor collecting our spent hops from the top field. We have 3 bays of composting hops at present here and Nick is taking the rest for his Christmas trees and also making compost. It’s a sterile mulching for the beds and looks good when it has rotted down properly, although it’s a bit smelly if used too young!

All our waste yeast, of which there is a fair amount now (Gus can’t use it all) still goes off to the pig farmer and it gets blended into a mixture for the pigs to enjoy. One day we shall get a tanker to transport it, but at present it goes off on the back of our trucks in big plastic containers.

Our spent grains are also going to a local farmer for his cattle, again the collection point is in our top field so the big tractor can get to it easily, this goes off every day. Patrick is to be seen at this time of year pushing his little trailer under the shute for his highland cattle, he feeds them every morning, steaming grains to cold breaths from the animals at 6.30am!!

Our new water waste system is working a treat and the top 2 ponds are going to be fenced around so we can keep ducks on them to keep weeds and grass down. The water from them runs on down through the willows to be polished before returning to the river. I seeded the ground above the holding tanks with wild flower seed last autumn, so we’ll see what kind of show we have this year.