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The Brewing Process

It usually takes one of us a good couple of hours to show people round our brewery that manages to be both traditional and contemporary at the same time and talk through the brewing process. We’re assuming you haven’t got that long so we’ve tried to sum it all up in a short video. If there’s something you’d still like to know, then just get in touch with us via whatever form of social media floats your boat and we’ll try and answer your questions, but bear in mind that our head brewer may find it tricky to fit an answer into 140 characters on Twitter…

There is still a debate as to when beer was first brewed. There is evidence that beer was brewed in Mesopotania between 3500BC and 3200BC. However we rather like the idea that over 12,000 years ago people were drinking, or should we say sucking, beer through straws to filter out the bits of bread and herb in what was like a wet, modern day porridge. This thick beer had clearly been left in the sun for too long and a fermentation had taken hold. No wonder the Gardens of Babylon were hanging!

Today the process is the same, the practice a little more refined and the end product not quite so thick.

Patrick McCaig